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Scott Bounty


Scott Bounty




"It's Her Eyes" puts you on the beach, holding hands at night, listening to the waves crash. but it's her eyes that really get you!


It’s Her Eyes - written by Scott Bounty 2014

In the Dark of the Night
When you look in her eyes
The feeling is so right
There is no disguise

Ooooh Aaaahhh
Oooooh Aaahhh

It’s Her Eyes
Oh Her Eyes
It’s Her Eyes
Ooooh those Eyes

When you hold her hand
As you listen to the band
With your feet in the sand
Then you understand

Ooooh Aaaahhh,
Oooooh Aaahhhaaaaaa

It’s Her Eyes
Aaah those Eyes
It’s Her Eyes
Aaaah those Eyes Yeaaahaaaa

Aaaaah Ooooohhhhh
Aaaaaahhh Ooooohhhhhh
Aaaaaa Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Aaaaaa Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

It’s Her Eyes
Aaaa those Eyes
It’s Her Eyes
Aaaah those Eyes YEaaahaaaa
Ooooohhhhh Aaaahhhh
Ooooohhhhhh, Aaaahaaaa