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Peter Rafelson (Music Into Media) posted a comment on

"It's Her Eyes"  by Scott Bounty

"Great vibe." - Peter Rafelson



Reviews of Scott's song:

"Midnight Radio, Midnight Radio"

This song is part of the "The Time is Now" album.


"I like the introduction to this song. It lets everyone know that this is a unique. I like the lyrics because its simple and true like the melody. The harmony between the vocals and the band are clear and compelling. The vocals sweetly drags the listener along. I love it. I could listen to this song while swinging on the back porch looking at the stars or dancing with a drink in hand. Its slow yet fun. I love the melody. It's a keeper. The arrangement in totally will last for generations to come. The instruments chosen where simple but matched perfectly to the vocals and the theme of the song. This song definitely has some commercial potential. Could this song be a hit? I definitely think so. It would probably be played every midnight in my house."



“This song is very calming and subtle. It uses easy to determine metaphors and is the type of song you could listen to at any time and place. I love the variety of instruments along with the harmonizing of the song as well. This also resembles a mid-spring traveling-type of song.”



“Sounds like some type of cowboy music. Not really my type but I reckon many people would enjoy this if they had a chance to listen to it. The singer had a brilliant voice aswell and overall as I don't really listen to this type of music I would rate it a 6/10 but someone who would like this would probably rate it a 8/10.”



“This is the kind of thing you put on television. The guy singing seems really happy. The guitar and over all beat are very good. There also sounds like theres a banjo in there. I really like banjos. I used to play the banjo in high school. I was a star. But I'd rate this 10/10. I bet the guy that made this song was really famous. The beat sounds really constant but I like it. Its a pretty good tune.”


“Into instantly has me hooked with a rich dark sound, alternate rock rhythm with a country twist , original sound with a confident instrumental delivery and vocal balance. original and amusing , clever sound with a country feel yet manages to carry and heartfelt and warm feeling . talented and imaginative profession creativity with a competent natural sound”.



“Interesting introduction, straight away into a really chill guitar/strings sound which I liked a lot, the vocals work really well with the atmosphere of the song, and doesn't overwhelm the instrumentals. Good stuff. Liking the middle of the song too, it doesn't get boring at all. Keep it up, guys!”



“Had a nice mellow start, not really what im used yo listening to.Really enjoying the guitar, love he's toneof voice.lyrics are descriptive.Reminds me of my childhood in a way, very heart warming.i can see myslef listening to this track with my son.after a nice fishing trip.”


“I like the use of acoustic guitar. I like the way you use your voice when you sing "song". I really appreciate these lyrics. You have a really good voice that I enjoy listening to. I will be very disappointing if I don't here you on the radio in the future.”

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