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Dear Music Artist!


Scott Bounty here,  I own a promotion company called "Music Carpet Ride Promotions". The services include; recording demos, submitting your material, publishing, partnering with music and film production services with partners including top producers worldwide and in the CT/NYC area. Marketing and placement is also provided.


Software Meets Music


In addition we are offering; marketing, digital services, website design, software development, ASCAP, BMI registration, (PRO Services), Publishing administration (so you get your money), and regional marketing services to venues for your live music. We also offer referrals, venue relations and musicians on call.


We are combining our marketing degrees, software skills and our passion for music to help your artist and image development.


Based on the ever-changing digital landscape we are now offering services to set up and\or maintain your profile on SoundCloud.


Recording and producing songs are only part of the plan. Getting your songs out to the world is a whole other story. Some of the labels say: "Demo Policy: Submit via SoundCloud only:"

For instance see Domino Records:

(see reference below*)


Here is the New Year 2016 offer:


We will post/add/create/monitor your SoundCloud account for special New Years price of $100.00. That includes initial profile setup, and up to five songs to be posted. You will provide us the photos and songs via email and we can do the rest.


Also, if their are services you think we can help you that are not listed above please let me know. They may include:

Event Planning  ~  Limousine Car Services ~  Hotel Services  ~  Photography ~  Press Relations ~ Radio Promotion ~ Film ~ Television ~ Street Teams ~ Social Media


Also; instrument rentals, back-line rentals, stage lighting, sound engineering, other services to help organize your life. Please reach me day or night. I am ready to help you personally. If you get some creative idea at 2:00 AM after your gig, that's perfectly fine!


Let's make this the best year ever for your music career!



Jam On!




Scott Bounty


Music Carpet Ride Promotions








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